Sue Darpino – December Member of the Month


Sue Darpino – December Member of the Month

Congratulations to Sue Darpino, our December Member of the Month!

Sue is 55 years young, married 30 years and has three daughters. She is a health teacher at Vestal High School and tells us she absolutely loves her job!

Sue has been a member of Sona for almost a year. She started in January when her daughter, Erica, convinced her to attend our open house and try an Inspire Fire bootcamp class.

“CrossFit Sona has literally given me my body back.  I’ve always been an athlete.  I competed in track and volleyball. I ran and played soccer for fun.  After my second back surgery a few years ago, I became unable to do any of those things.  It hurt to get up in the morning. To walk down stairs was painful.  I thought I was done, but then my daughter convinced me to come to class with her. The coaches were able to give me modifications and encouragement. Soon after, I began to feel better and stronger,” Sue told us.

Sue’s favorite class is our Inspire Fire Bootcamp. She likes how it is varied from class to class, and she loves that her instructor has a way of making it fun and unique by adding a gamification element.

Trish O’Neill said, “Sue started with us about a year ago. She came to our open house last year and won a free 3-month membership. I remember her first class very well. She had some back issues and limitations and was very cautious about her exercise choices for fear of hurting herself or causing more pain. It wasn’t long before Sue was able to add in more exercises as she continued to get stronger.”

“Sue soon became a staple in the Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday Fire class. As a matter a fact, it is rare to hold a class without Sue! Fast forward a year and Sue is no longer limited at all, in fact she is running, jumping and doing all different core exercises now without any pain. Sue has made exceptional progress by pushing herself and trusting the process. She comes to every class with a great attitude and endless motivation,” Trish continued.

With our CrossFit Kids program and adult programs designed to be accessible for all ages as well as scaleable to a wide range of fitness ability, we’ve welcomed several families to our fitness community over the past few years. Sue and her daughter Erica are one of those families.

“I had to BEG my Mom to come to the open house last year. She was convinced that she wouldn’t be able to do anything and didn’t want to go. She caved and came and loved it. She was ready to sign up on the spot! She won the three month membership from the open house, and she’s been going ever since. I am amazed at how consistent she has been and how strong she is! In the beginning, I used to be faster and stronger than her but after I took some time off this fall she is now kicking my butt! I’ve always thought she was amazing but to see her try something so far out of her comfort zone and stick with it, she just blows me away. She is such a strong, powerful role model for my sisters and I,” said Erica.

Sue’s commitment to her health and fitness is inspiring to our entire community. She has proven that strength training benefits go far beyond just a stronger physique. 

Congratulations Sue! We are so happy to have you as a part of our fitness family and even more thrilled to know you are pain free and able to do enjoy things you couldn’t a year ago!

To learn more about Sue’s journey, please check out her member of the month video spotlight! Click Here!