September Member of the Month – Elaine Errigo-Gilyard


September Member of the Month – Elaine Errigo-Gilyard

Congratulations to Elaine Errigo-Gilyard, our September Member of the Month!

Elaine is a retired teacher.  She taught first and fifth grade for 32 years and another 6+ years subbing for all grades.  After the whirlwind years of being a working mom, she enjoys the pace of retirement and the simple things like having time to read the newspaper in the morning while sipping on coffee.

Elaine has been attending our gym since 2007.  She was hooked on boot camp and spinning and recently became intrigued by CrossFit.  After being encouraged by staff and other members, she decided to give it a try!  


Elaine says, “I love the atmosphere of encouragement among the athletes, and no matter what your current ability level may be, the coaches and other athletes make you feel welcome and push you to be the best you can be.  CrossFit Sona really feels like a part of my family.”   


Although Elaine is still intimidated by the barbell as well as some of the more complex gymnastic movements, she loves that the philosophy behind CrossFit is based on scaling workouts to meet every athlete where they are at any given time and still challenge them to become better than they were yesterday.   

“I love the feeling of completing a WOD and knowing I worked my hardest. I always walk away feeling physically and mentally stronger”, she says.

She loves the fast-paced cardio WODs the most, even though there are times she has to stop to catch her breath.  She loves running, has learned to really like rowing, and proudly admits she doesn’t hate a burpee!

“Elaine is one of the hardest working athletes I have had the pleasure to coach in 13 years of training”, says Traci Meier, co-owner and head coach, “What I love the most about her is there is nothing she will not try.”  She continues, “Elaine added CrossFit to her workout schedule during the 2018 Open, which is one of the most intense times of our year. The WODs are much more formal, and the vibe in the gym is intense and exhilarating.  Our athletes get pretty excited about it, and Elaine jumped in enthusiastically, and without trepidation.”

Elaine states, “I love the challenges at CrossFit Sona because it makes me commit to a goal for a time period.  As we age, it is harder to maintain muscle and bone mass, and because I have osteopenia, the science behind CrossFit advocates the best prescription. Recently, two doctors have told me to keep doing what I’m doing…so I guess they inadvertently prescribed CrossFit!”

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