Pat Hansen – March Member of the Month


Pat Hansen – March Member of the Month

Congratulations to Pat Hansen, our March Member of the Month!

Pat is a wife and mother of 4 children,  grandmother of 6, soon to be 7, and she is retired from teaching. She taught for many years, all age groups and loved being a teacher.

Pat taught at Vestal, at the HCA (Helping Celebrate Abilities; formerly know as Handicapped Children’s Association), and she was a UPK teacher at First Presbyterian Preschool. She is an active member of Central UMC and worked there as the Director of Christian Education for 15 years.

Pat tells us, ” I love all the free time that I have to explore other things.  It’s interesting though, even with all the extra time I have, I always plan my days around my exercise classes.  I just don’t want to miss them!   They have become an important and integral part of my life.”

Pat admits she is not self-motivated when it comes to exercise. Being in a group setting gives her the motivation she needs.  When a friend convinced her to join a group of women who exercised together, it ultimately led to Inspire Fitness. 

“That experience took my fitness life to a whole new level.  Burpees, tire flipping, high intensity aerobics.  It was HARD!!!   But I stuck with it and over time I got stronger and my endurance improved and I found that I was doing things that I never thought I could do.  I’ve been a part of the Inspire family for close to seven years now.  And it really is like a family, supportive, caring, encouraging and the group setting is just what I need.”

Co-owner, Trish O’Neill said, “Pat has been with us since we were on the Vestal Parkway back in 2011. She has experienced many changes with our gym and has been a real trooper, trying every class we offer. She challenges herself on a daily basis. In all the time she’s been with us, she has never complained when things are hard. She approaches everything with her positive attitude and ‘give it a try’ motto!  We are blessed to not only have her as a client but a friend.”

Pat’s favorite class is Karen’s ‘Mixed Muscle Madness’, which combines spinning and core strengthening. “As we get older, bone density can be an issue, and strength exercises using weights is important.  This class blends aerobic conditioning with weight training and lots of ab and arm work which I definitely need,” she said. Her least favorite exercise is the assault bike. But she looks at it as another challenge, knowing she can do anything for 8 calories!

Pat has a special place in the hearts of many of our team members. One person in particular who has spent a lot of time with Pat is Karen Iby-Patricia, one of our spinning instructors. Here is what Karen had to say about Pat:

“Pat Hansen is a quiet warrior, but that doesn’t make her any less badass. She is the athlete that pushes herself and competes with herself to get better. I have known her for at least 5 years and am impressed with her incredible consistency. Just because she doesn’t draw a lot of attention to herself doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve it. She is the person in the back of my class always going for the heavier weight to lift, always saying “sure” if I ask the class do they want to push through one more hill? The other overlooked quality of Pat’s is that she never complains. She might describe a class, if asked, as really hard and challenging but that is always in a positive tone. She is that person that has been loyal to Crossfit Sona/Inspire Fitness for as long as I can remember and most importantly from a trainer’s perspective, loyal to her own fitness program. We are her fitness family, and I am beyond grateful to know that most often I get to see this fit, fun woman in my class three times a week and call her a fitness inspiration!”

Pat told us of her many hobbies, traveling near and far with frequent visits to DC and Boston to see grandkids. She loves traveling with friends and family to other countries, golfing, reading, crafting, crossword puzzles, and trivia. And, she is a college basketball fan.

“My ultimate future goal is to just keep doing.  I am not the strongest or the most agile or the fastest but I am here!  The main purpose in any exercise program is to just keep working at it and that’s what I plan on doing, to be here as much as I can and to keep on the course for a continued healthy lifestyle. I am hoping to be a part of the Inspire Fitness family for many more years to come,” she concludes.

Click Here! …to see Pat’s member of the month spotlight video!

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Pat! Keep up the good work!