New Year, Better You – Lifestyle Challenge


New Year, Better You – Lifestyle Challenge

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Join our fitness community this January to take part in CrossFit Sona’s ‘New Year, Better You!’ Challenge.  We want to help you build positive habits inside and outside of the gym…and a good foundation always starts with nutrition.

Often times, we get so caught up in the business of life that we forget to take care of ourselves (preparing healthy meals, working on our mobility, making it to the gym or even making sure we get enough quality sleep).

We hope that this challenge will help you set goals and establish healthy habits that can produce the results you’re looking for and carry you into 2019 with a stronger and happier mindset!

It’s time to take yourself to the next level, hold yourself and your gym-mates accountable.

Try something NEW!   Start your New Year getting out of your comfort zone to Build a Better You!


1. What is this Challenge?

CrossFit Sona’s ‘New Year, Better You Challenge’ combines diet, fitness and recovery in a community driven environment. We’ve created an interactive experience in which you put life-changing principles into daily practice, and have fun doing it!  The Challenge creates a supportive environment that fosters accountability, determination, focus, self-awareness, community, and results.

2. How will this challenge be scored?

Your score will be based on points collected from four (4) separate categories:

1. Points for tracking your diet through a food journal.

2. Points for physical activity at CrossFit Sona or on your own.

3. Points for daily recovery by getting enough sleep.

4. Points for weekly measurements; weight and waist measurement.

Your food journal, activity and recovery points are daily tasks, your weekly measurements are a weekly task.  You will be prompted to enter your tasks on the WodifyRise app under the ‘Tasks’ tab.

Food Journal

For your food journal, you’ll enter your meals, but then also rate yourself on the following to receive points:

Spot On! (5 points): Eat meat, vegetables, some fruit, little starch and no sugar – foods from the approved list we have provided and log EVERYTHING in your food journal.

At least I logged it (3 points): This means that you may have had a cheat or two, but you still logged everything in your food journal. Back on track with the next meal or snack!

Whoops (0 points): You cheated and you didn’t log anything in your food journal, but you will get back on track tomorrow!

Be Active Points

You’ll earn ‘Be Active’ points by grading yourself in the following ways:

Worked out at CrossFit Sona (5 points):  Members of the gym can attend any type of class at our gym; CrossFit, Inspire bootcamps or spinning class.  Ask about our special rate during the challenge for participants who are not members of our gym!

I was active for 20 minutes or more on my own (4 points): You got active for a minimum of 20 minutes on your own. You went for a run. You jumped on the trampoline in the backyard with your kids. You were traveling and did a workout in the hotel gym. It counts!

I took a rest day. (0 points): And that’s okay. We’d like to see you in the gym or see that you’re getting active at least 4x per week. We all need to rest and recover!

Weekly Measurements

You’ll input these weekly into the WodifyRise app. You can take your weight and waist measurement at home or at the gym – just make sure you’re doing it at the same time of day each time.

Measurements… Check! (3 points).

Skipped this week.  (0 points). 


You’ll be able to get points based on how long you sleep each night. These will be your choices:

I slept for 7-8 hours (5 points). 

I slept for 5-6 hours (3 points).

I got less than 5 hours (0 points). 

3. How long will this challenge last?

The challenge will last four (4) weeks from Monday, January 7th, 2019 at 12:00 am through Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 at 11:59 pm.

4. What do you want me to eat while on this challenge?

Meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. We are not worried about quantity as much as we want you to focus on quality. Refer to the list of foods that are considered squeaky clean. If you need a macronutrient guideline, we like the “zone diet” macro percentages of: 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and 30% fat.

5. What does it cost to participate in the Challenge?

The cost is $19.95 per person.

6. Is this a weight loss challenge? 

No, this is a fitness/wellness challenge. We want to promote you reaching your goals in the healthiest way possible. If you want to lose weight or gain lean muscle, be healthier and fitter, this challenge is for you.

7. What if someone cheats?

If we find out someone is cheating, they will be disqualified from the challenge. Because we believe in the integrity of our gym, we do not for see this happening. If you’re cheating, you’re not only cheating yourself, but you take something away from your fellow members that are actually putting in the work. If you make a mistake on your diet, call yourself out.  If you don’t get to the gym or you don’t get in at least 10 minutes of active time, keep it real!  This is about holding yourself and your peers accountable and creating better habits.  Don’t cheat.  You’re better than that.

8. What about macros, Paleo, gluten-free, the Zone diet, etc.? What should I be following? 

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to your nutrition. We want you to work on the best method for you, but we believe that eating meat, vegetables, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar should be the base of your nutrition.

9. Will there be prizes?

Yes!  We will have prizes awarded for top 3 overall scores and as well as a Spirit award! We will also have flash challenges announced via social media each week, so make sure you’re following us on Instagram @crossfitsona! Prizes include CrossFit Sona t-shirts, gift cards, store credit, etc!

10. Do you have any suggestions for accountability and staying motivated during the challenge?

Yes!  We think having an accountability partner is very helpful. Find someone (a friend in the gym or maybe a new member), exchange cell #”s – and text each other throughout the challenge…checking in daily, if possible. Express your wins (photos of your meal prep, pounds/inches lost) and help motivate your partner!  Keep each other strong!  You will each have weak moments where you’re underprepared or resisting the break room donuts. Stay positive and encourage one another!

11. Where are we tracking everything?

In the Wodify Rise challenge app. You’ll download it on your phone and sign up for the challenge then login to the challenge.  Once the challenge begins you’ll see your food journal, tasks, leaderboard and activity feed.

More information will be released closer to the start of the challenge!

Let’s do this!

~ CrossFit Sona Team

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  1. Holly

    I’m interested but I have a gym membership at another gym. I would like to try out your gym. What does it cost for classes

    1. CFSonaInspireFit

      Hello Holly! I apologize for the late reply. You can view our rates at We are offering a special unlimited class membership for the duration of the challenge for only $49 to new members. Our regular monthly unlimited is $149. Let me know if I can be of further assistance! ~ Traci