June Member of the Month – Stacey Garzo


June Member of the Month – Stacey Garzo

Congratulations to Stacey Garzo  

June Member of the Month!

She was nominated by unanimous decision by the CrossFit Sona team.

Stacey is a dedicated full time mom, wife,teacher and athlete. Her commitment to everything in her life is inspiring. Stacey has been a part of our fitness community for over 3 years now.  She connected to our gym through mutual friends and local soccer teams.  She is quiet and shy to most, but to those who know her she is a hilarious, kind and quite the spitfire!

When it comes to fitness classes, she sets an example for other clients. She attends consistently, works super hard, and only complains under her breath!  She is humble and she hustles. And her effort pays off – her strength inside and out are in part due to the intensity and commitment she demonstrates each class.

Her classmates describe her as having a strong presence in class even though she may try to fade in a corner of the room.  She is admired by her peers because of how consistently she gives all of her effort and attention to every workout, which inspires them want to work harder and be better. And, let’s not forget to include, she has the cutest leggings and sneakers around!!

We are proud to have Stacey as a part of our fitness family!