July Member of the Month – Jillian Mason


July Member of the Month – Jillian Mason

Jillian has been a part of our fitness community since April.  She is a full-time doctoral student studying intersections between personal development and writing in the community college.  She says her calling in life is to help people strengthen their relationships with writing, on their own terms.  Jillian plans to teach in a community college setting for the rest of her life.  Besides practicing CrossFit, Jillian also loves to read, watch all sorts of series on Netflix, and spend every spare second with her dogs!

In a very short time, Jillian has made quite the impression on her coaches and fellow athletes.
Jillian approaches every workout with focus and dedication.  She is strong and moves well, especially with a barbell, but her best qualities are how coachable she is as well as how eager she is to learn.


She always reaches out for advice on movements even if it is something she is already comfortable with, which goes to show that she is truly in the gym to become the best version of herself that she can be.  Jillian goes the extra step to brighten up everyone else’s experience by just being a great person to train with.  She motivates others and celebrates other people’s successes like they were her own.


When asked why she loves CrossFit, this is what Jillian had to say,
“CrossFit is a lot like writing: every time I think that I am terrible at it, I remember that there is no such thing as being terrible at it! CrossFit meets me, and everyone else, exactly where we are. There is no such thing as not being able to do CrossFit because everything can be scaled to that sweet spot of possible yet challenging. As the cliche goes, it never gets easier; I just get better! It is simultaneously challenging and exhilarating, and also empowering and humbling.”

Congratulations, Jillian!