Meier NYBY Week 8


Meier NYBY Week 8

We’re Nearing the End, Now What?!

The Meier Supply NYBY Challenge will officially end on SUNDAY!

After 8 weeks of hard work: meal prepping, moving, stretching, hydrating, getting in those z’s, and much more; it is coming to a close.  So maybe, now, you’re at a crux. You’re probably asking yourself “What’s next?”

If you’ve ever made the commitment in the past to change a habit and see it through for several weeks, you’ll know that it is what happens after, the maintenance of a healthy habit, that can prove to be the bigger challenge.

The challenge is just the first chapter of gaining control and consciousness over what a “healthy lifestyle” really means.  From here, the next step is up to you. So what is next?

Here are a few tricks to help you maintain your new habits as you dive into the post-challenge world:

1. Know Your Habits

Regular things you do—from brushing your teeth to having a few drinks every night—can become habits. Repetitive behaviors that make you feel good can affect your brain in ways that create habits that may be hard to change. Habits often become automatic—they happen without much thought. Create an awareness around what you do regularly by looking for patterns in your behavior and what triggers the unhealthy habits you want to change.

2. Make a Plan

Make a plan that includes small, reasonable goals and specific actions you’ll take to move toward them.

Consider what you think you’ll need to be successful. How can you change things around you to support your goals? You might need to stock up on healthy foods, remove temptations, or find a special spot to relax.

Get friends and loved ones involved. Research shows that people’s health behaviors tend to mirror those of their family and friends. Invite them to join you, support you, and help you stay on track.

It’s also important to plan for obstacles. Think about what might derail your best efforts to live healthier. How can you still make healthy choices during unexpected situations, in stressful times, or when tempted by old habits?

3. Stay on Track

Doing positive things for yourself can feel exciting and rewarding. But there will also be times when you wonder if you can stick with it.

Become aware of negative thoughts and turn them into realistic, productive ones. Keeping a record can help. You can use a paper journal, computer program, or mobile app to note things like your diet, exercise, stress levels, or sleep patterns.

And remember, everyone falls off the wagon at some point. The key is to recognize it is not a failure. Reset and jump back on! Continue to track your behavior. Sometimes when you feel like you’re failing, you can learn the most.

4. Be Patient

Things will not always go as planned. There are bound to be bumps in the road. Change is a process, a neverending one at that! What’s most important is to keep moving forward. You’re never too out of shape, too overweight, or too old to make healthy changes. Try different strategies until you find what works best for you.


There are endless resources out there for support! Google and YouTube are great places to type in whatever you need to know or need help with during your new healthy lifestyle journey.

Here are some great sites to get you started. We love MFP for food tracking as it includes a plethora of nutrition information, including pretty much ‘everything’ Wegmans. And, if you are not on Pinterest, it’s a must for a healthy lifestyle! Type in keywords like fitness, workouts, healthy recipes, pretty much anything and everything you can find there!

20 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Habits



And, don’t forget, we are an available resource as well! You can always reach us at [email protected] We would be happy to point you in the right direction 🙂

Have an amazing week 8!

~Your Team at CrossFit Sona