Mariah Curcio – October 2019 Member of the Month


Mariah Curcio – October 2019 Member of the Month

Congratulations to Mariah Curcio, our October 2019 Member of the Month! Mariah has been a member of Inspire Fitness & CrossFit Sona since November 2016.

Mariah is a vet tech at the Johnson City Veterinary Hospital. She talked about how important it is for her to be strong for her job.

“There are times when I have to restrain animals when we have to draw blood or clip nails. It is important that I am strong so that both animals and coworkers are safe.”

Crossfit Sona has had a significant impact in Mariah’s motivation to exercise.

She said, “Before coming to CrossFit Sona I would workout, but I would make excuses to either not go or to not push myself when I did. I’ve come to realize that I’m the type of person that needs to exercise with other people.”

Between the variety of classes offered and the supportive community, Mariah finds herself pushing harder and having fun at the same time.

Spinning instructor, Courtney Rozen, said, “She always comes to class ready to work and puts everything into her workout! She’s fun and brings a great energy to the room and people around her!

Spinning and Inspire Fire Bootcamp are her favorite classes, and she recently tried a CrossFit class for the first time.

“I’ll definitely be taking more CrossFit classes in the future,” she added.

Co-owner, Trish O’Neill had this to say about Mariah, “She is strong, determined and one of our most consistent members. She attends classes almost every day of the week and most recently started taking some CrossFit classes. During workouts Mariah is always pushing herself to get stronger and improve. In her first CrossFit class, everyone was amazed at how quickly she picked up new moves. In our morning bootcamp class, clients often joke and say if you ever get lost just follow Mariah because she always knows what’s going on. Mariah is always a fun addition to a class and a great partner because of her drive and motivation.”

Click Here! …to see Mariah’s member of the month spotlight video!

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Mariah! Keep up the good work!