Kathy Nichols – November Member of the Month


Kathy Nichols – November Member of the Month

Congratulations to Kathy Nichols, our November Member of the Month!

Kathy has been a member of our gym for almost three years. She has been married for 18 years to her husband, Dan. They have 2 children with one more on the way!

Kathy works at Wilson Hospital in trauma as a Physician Assistant.  She said, “Work can be a little hectic and crazy, so I love starting my morning with CrossFit classes.”

Kathy comes to CrossFit on average 4 times a week, and she has kept up that schedule during her pregnancy. She said, “CrossFit has brought so many wonderful people in my life.  It has given me the opportunity to compete and challenge myself.”

SONA Slam Competition

“From the very first time Kathy came to Sona, she shows up with a smile and a willingness to work hard.  She is a consistently hard worker.  Every time she’s in the gym, she works her rear off and is always working to improve, even at 6 months pregnant.    I have a love/hate issue when I work out next to Kathy.   My initial reaction is “Oh Crap” because I know she is going to blow right past me, however, working next to her makes me push myself even harder,” said fellow athlete, Kim D.

Kathy’s coaches describe her as motivated and determined to succeed at everything she puts her mind to.

Co-owner, Trish O’Neill, said, “The first day I met Kathy I knew she was the kind of person that would be successful. She came with a friend to a very difficult CrossFit workout, her first ever. Even though the exercises were new to her and a challenge, she gave 110% through the entire work out with a smile on her face. Since that day Kathy has become a regular in our early morning workouts. She balances a very difficult career and a family and still makes her workouts a priority. She is always full of energy  and pushes herself to improve daily. When there isn’t a structured class, Kathy still shows up for open gym to work on her movements. She is not only motivated herself, but pushes others with her ever positive attitude and complements.”

Kathy told us she has attended many gyms over the years but enjoys CrossFit Sona more than any.

She told us, “You get to know some amazing people and they become your friends in and outside the gym.  The coaches are encouraging and each brings something unique to their classes. They are constantly learning/watching/researching movements, lifts, standards and bringing all of those techniques to their classes.”

She continued, “My favorite movements include running and clean & jerks.  My least favorite movement is definitely the overhead squat. I dislike it because I’m not good at it so I am working on it.”

We are extremely proud of Kathy and so grateful to have her as a part of our community.

“CrossFit has become an important part of my life and I am thankful to have found such a great place to be a part of,” she said.

To learn more about Kathy’s journey, please check out her member of the month video spotlight! Click Here!