Jenn Small – February 2020 Member of the Month


Jenn Small – February 2020 Member of the Month

The Sona community congratulates Jenn Small, our February Member of the Month! Jenn has been a member of the gym since 2007 when it was located in the Meier home in Vestal, NY.

Jenn is the Chief Operating Officer for a unique non-profit that works with people who are blind/visually impaired by providing rehab services and employment opportunities in the manufacturing division.

“About 65 people work for me in Binghamton and the Hudson Valley. I’ve been with AVRE since 2006 and I love my job!” she said.

Jenn has been physically active all of her life and has realized as she gets older that physical fitness is even more important.

“My husband and I enjoy intensely active vacations – hiking, cycling, kayaking, etc. Our children and grandchildren give us even more reasons to stay healthy and active – we must keep up with them! My fitness goals revolve around avoiding injuries, while maintaining good endurance and strength,” she said.

Jenn told us that aside from her career, her goals are deeply rooted in raising awareness about the correlation between mental health and addiction.

“I intend to be an active part of the change we so desperately need in our community and across the country. I am also active in projects/organizations that empower women and girls,” she explained

Jenn enjoys boot camp two or three times a week and she told us that spinning keeps her in shape for her seasonal outdoor cycling.

Trish O’Neill, co-owner said, “In all the years I’ve known Jenn, I have always admired how well she balances her life! She is so well rounded, finding time for all the important things in life. Fitness has always been a priority. Jenn is a person who sees fitness as a part of life, not just a temporary thing! 12 years ago Jen and I became friends training for the AIDS Ride for Life. She pushes herself beyond her comfort zone daily and always with a positive attitude.”

Spinning instructor, Courtney said “When I think of Jenn, I think of someone who is confident, strong, resilient and consistent! She always shows up with a smile on her face, and is ready to give it her all! Her enthusiasm and quick wit at 5:30am brings a smile to everyone’s face! Her determination is motivation to everyone!”

Jenn is one of many who are excited about the gym’s FitMetrix heart rate training system, added in September 2019. Members can track heart rate effort levels real-time during all spinning and bootcamp classes.

“I really like using the heart rate monitor. Monitoring my heart rate motivates me to work harder and I’ve already noticed a difference in my fitness level,” she said

Spinning instructor, Telysa said, “Jenn is a strong athlete who is always consistent with her workouts. She pushes herself to go harder and improve her performances. She brings a light hearted, pleasant personality to class.”

Jenn discovered Traci Meier’s home training business back in 2006 through a flyer in the Greater Binghamton Chamber’s monthly newsletter.

“Jenn is one of my originals. She has been a part of the evolution of my business over the past 13 years from 480 square feet in my home gym to a location on the Vestal Parkway, to our current home in Johnson City,” said Traci Meier, co-owner. “She is an extremely committed, loyal, ambassador to our fitness community throughout the many changes over the years,” she added.

Jenn mentioned that she has enjoyed the changes in locations but stated that she likes the current one the best, especially since it’s less than 10 minutes from home.

Congratulations Jenn! Keep up the good effort!

To learn more about Jenn’s journey, please check out her member of the month video spotlight! Click Here!