February Member of the Month – Erica Darpino


February Member of the Month – Erica Darpino

Congratulations to Erica Darpino, our February Member of the Month!

Erica is a science teacher at Owego Apalachin middle and high school.  She coaches volleyball at the school and for the travel club. 

Erica admits that over the past few years she’s made excuses for why she wasn’t working out, “I was always too busy, too tired, or I didn’t have enough money for a membership.  But now, I’m finally back in the groove and my goal is to keep my commitment to fitness going forever,” she said

Erica told us that CrossFit Sona is making a huge impact on her life. 

She said, “I didn’t know how miserable I was until I started coming here regularly.  I am a happier person now towards myself, my boyfriend and even my students.  I’ve been an athlete all of my life and CrossFit Sona allows me to feel that competitive high again that I didn’t even know I was missing!” 

Erica primarily attends our Inspire Fire classes, which are based on the metabolic conditioning aspect of CrossFit without barbells and more technical movements.  She also attends our Inspire FIT classes, where the ‘F’ stands for fun!  Our FIT classes are mirrored off of our tried and true bootcamps, which have been a part of our Inspire Fitness brand since 2008. 

Co-owner, Trish O’Neill said, “Erica has been with us just a few short months, but has made a lasting impression.  Her first class was my class, and I could tell from the start she was a hustler.   When she came back for her second class she let me know how sore she was, but admitted that was not going to stop her!   She’s attended almost every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday class I have taught.  She comes with a smile on her face and the intention to push herself outside of her comfort zone.  As a busy teacher, she might end her workday exhausted but still makes her fitness a priority.”

Erica’s favorite movement is any variation of a deadlift and her least favorite is the assault bike, but she told us she puts her all into it because she knows it makes her better!

“What I love most about CrossFit Sona is the people.  Everyone I’ve met is so amazing and supportive.  We’re all at different levels of fitness and stages in our lives, but you’d never know it when you walked into class.  

Click Here! …to see Erica’s member of the month spotlight video!

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Erica! Keep up the good work!