December Member of the Month – Peter Wall


December Member of the Month – Peter Wall

Congratulations to Peter Wall, our December Member of the Month!

Peter is the band director at Johnson City Middle School, mainly teaching  grades 6-8 concert band, jazz band and 8th grade general music as well as high school marching band.

“Music is a large part of my life since I find it very difficult to express myself through any other medium, and it brings me joy to share my passion with my students. I am always looking for a challenge.  Teaching and music allow me to challenge and push myself daily,” he states.

Peter was inspired to join the CrossFit community by his brother who recognized he was at a low point in his life and needed a challenge, something to focus on.  He joined our CrossFit community in April 2018 and despite a bumpy start he was hooked!

Peter said, “I had been an athlete throughout my teens and into college, participating in soccer, track, and basketball.  However, I lost that part of me during my post-graduate education and first few years of teaching.  I lost my endurance, gained weight, and picked up a couple of health problems along the way.”

“It wasn’t long before I started seeing changes in my body, my health, and my mood. With the help of the coaches, I started pursuing fitness goals rigorously. Since joining CrossFit Sona I have lost 40 pounds, I can do pull-ups for the first time ever, I competed in my first CrossFit competition, I ran my first half-marathon, and I am happier than I have been in a long-long time. The best part is that I am not finished, as the finish line is not static. It moves forward as I grow,” he continued

Co-owner and coach, Trish O’Neill, describes Peter as a ‘quiet storm’.  “He doesn’t stand out at the start of the class, but the WOD begins and the storm is unleashed!  He crushes the workout and then quietly cheers the rest of the gang on. He always surprises me with his strength and stamina!,” she said.

Peter’s coaches describe him as a very determined athlete who takes every workout seriously, continually challenging himself.  His hard work is reflected in his overall fitness.  Jessica Rocco stated, “Peter gives his all every workout, has made incredible strength and endurance gains, and he is always willing to learn new ways to improve technique.”

Frank Ford added, “He’s proof that hard work and consistency pay off. He shows up to class regularly and attacks every session with impressive intensity. He is someone many of us look up to not just because he lost over 40 pounds and ran his first 1/2 marathon this year, but because he did all of that with an amazing attitude and energy.”

Peter’s favorite workouts are WODs with a lot of different movements.  He likes to feel completely exhausted after a WOD with the ‘CrossFit ending’, collapsing on the floor to catch your breath!  He does say, he wouldn’t miss a wall ball if they were never programmed again…EVER.

Peter’s team, Sona Ma Beeches, placed 3rd in the men’s scaled division in CrossFit Sona’s first competition in October this year.

Click Here! …to see Peter’s member of the month video highlights!

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Peter.  We look forward to watching you get better at CrossFit and Life!