CrossFit Kids Spotlight – Olivia Bernstein


CrossFit Kids Spotlight – Olivia Bernstein

Congratulations to Olivia Bernstein who was chosen for our Crossfit Kids Spotlight! Olivia has been an athlete at our gym for a little over a year.

Olivia is 9 years old and in the 4th grade. Her favorite subject is Art. In the future she would like to pursue a career as a Kindergarten teacher.

Outside of CrossFit Kids, Olivia participates in two sports, dance and gymnastics. Olivia’s hobbies include crafts and she loves to play outside!

Coach and co-owner, Traci Meier said, “Olivia is a hard worker! She is naturally athletic and loves working on highly skilled gymnastic movements that she is already very proficient at, but she also loves to learn movements that are more foundational to CrossFit, like the air squat and rowing technique. She is motivated to get better at whatever exercise we throw her way.”

Olivia said she looks forward to Friday nights because she gets to spend time with her friends. When asked about her favorite movements, she said she likes anything done on a pull-up bar the most. Her favorite game is Kids Jeopardy, where an element of exercise is added in to the traditional game show format.

“I like CrossFit because I get to learn a lot of new exercises and I learn how to use different kinds of equipment. In addition to using the pull-up bar, I love to do rope climbs, wall walks and headstands” Olivia said.

Olivia’s mother, Anne, has been bringing Olivia and her brother, Alex, to CrossFit for a little over a year now.

Anne said, “We started Olivia in CrossFit Kids because we wanted to add something different to her routine. We’ve noticed that since she has been coming she has more endurance and she is much stronger, which definitely helps her performance in gymnastics and dance.”

Please take a look at Olivia’s CrossFit Kids Spotlight Video to see her in action! Click Here.

Congratulations Olivia! We are very proud of you!