CrossFit Kids Sona – Spotlight on Max Mitsakos


CrossFit Kids Sona – Spotlight on Max Mitsakos

Max Mitsakos

Congratulations to Max Mitsakos who was chosen as the first recipient of our CrossFit Kids Spotlight Award! Max has been an athlete at our gym for almost a year now.

Max is 11 years old and in the 6th grade. His favorite subject is Science. In the future he would like to pursue a career in the field of technology or engineering.

Max enjoys competitive swimming and tells us that his efforts in CrossFit Kids classes have made him a better swimmer.

Max’s hobbies include playing video games, going to the movies and volunteering at Gigi’s Playhouse in Vestal. With 46 locations worldwide, Gigi’s Playhouse was created to change the way the world views a Down syndrome diagnosis and send a global message of acceptance for all.

Coach and co-owner, Trish O’Neill had this to say about Max;

“Max is such a fun athlete to coach. He has a great sense of humor and is very confident in himself and his abilities. He is willing to try anything we ask him to do and loves to share his ideas for class. Max is a helper and always willing to jump in to help another athlete or assist his coach. The progress he’s made in the gym has transferred over into the other sports he participates in.”

Max said his favorite part of the CrossFit Kids program is spending time with the other athletes. When asked about his favorite and least favorite movements he said he likes overhead squats but is not a fan of wall-walks. His favorite game is CrossFit Kids Jeopardy, which adds a physical element to the traditional game.

One of Max’s CrossFit coaches, Jessica Rocco, said, “Max is a super-positive kid who’s great energy and excitement at CrossFit gets the other kids involved and moving.”

Max’s mother, Stephanie, has been a member of Inspire Fitness / CrossFit Sona for several years, and Max’s two younger brothers, Nico and Owen, have been coming as long as Max has.

“Max is one of my favorite athletes! As one of the oldest kids in the 6 – 12 year old class, he sets an example for the other kids to aspire to. He has a special energy, and I love how he shows genuine concern for the success of his brothers in class,” said Traci Meier, co-owner and coach.

She added, “Since the Mitsakos boys have been a part of the program, several other families have enrolled multiple siblings. It sends a positive message to other families in our community having all 3 brothers in class together. As a business owner and coach to these families, I couldn’t be more proud. Healthy habits that will follow children into adulthood start at home, and the parents of these amazing kids get it!”

Please take a look at Max’s CrossFit Kids Spotlight Video to see him in action! Click Here.

Congratulations Max! We are very proud of you!