October Member of the Month – Kathy Washak


October Member of the Month – Kathy Washak

We are pleased to announce our October Member of the Month, Kathy Washak!

Kathy is a Global Director of Purchasing.  When asked what is most important to her, Kathy said, “Loving and enjoying a life filled with happiness and laughter, including caring for Mom so she can be happy and enjoy her life.”

Kathy regularly takes spinning and bootcamp classes, and she is always the first in line to participate in the many fundraisers, parties and special events we’ve had over the years.

Katie O’Brien, one of Kathy’s spinning instructors, expressed, “She is so consistent!  Always shows up ready to go for those early classes, puts in the work, and is so kind to everyone she works out with.”

“I love spinning class with Courtney, Trish, Katie and Telysa, and of course, Bootcamp with Trish,” Kathy states.

Co-owner, Trish O’Neill, said “Kathy has been with us for what seems like forever!  She is the epitome of consistency.  She is also quite the dancer… “It’s Raining Men” has a whole new meaning when KW is in the house!”

Kathy says that one of the best things about her fitness community is the ‘family feeling’ she gets every time she is there.  She travels a lot, and when she comes back she is greeted by the instructors and members with the feeling of… ‘Wow, welcome back, we missed you!”

Member, Frank M, tells us he has seen Kathy at the gym for many years now, and he is so impressed by her.  He says, “She always has a smile, is always focused and is always working hard as hell”.

Kathy loves Zumba and plays golf in her spare time, and she is not afraid to admit she’s no fan of burpees, although she does them anyway.  And, one of her mottos in life is, “Dance like no one is watching!”.

Please check out Kathy’s Member of the Month video:  Click Here!!

Congratulations, Kathy!  We are lucky to have you!