2019 Inspiration Award- Manda Rumola


2019 Inspiration Award- Manda Rumola

Congratulations to Manda Rumola, the recipient of our Inspiration Award for 2019!

Manda has been coming to CrossFit Sona for over a year and a half. She is a part of several members who attend with their families. When Manda first came to the gym, she brought all 3 of her children with her to CrossFit classes. Her two oldest girls, Alanna and Kayla, attended until leaving for Navy Bootcamp. The family goals were to workout together, have fun and get fit.

Manda works as an administrative assistant at Schaefer Enterprises of Deposit, Inc.; a diverse business specializing in rock quarries, land clearing, logging operations, a lumber mill, dump trucks, and more.

Manda told us how important it is to her to be a good role model, especially for her children.  

She said, “It’s important to me that they know they can count on me to be there, that I genuinely care, and that I will help them in any way possible.”

When she was asked about how CrossFit has impacted her life, she had this to say, “CrossFit has made me stronger not only physically but mentally as well.  It has given me a sense of confidence in my everyday life.  CrossFit has helped me think outside the box on accomplishing goals.  When roadblocks have been placed in your way, CrossFit has taught me to rise above them and to keep going.”

Manda inspires everyone at the gym, including the coaching staff.

Coach and Co-owner, Trish O’Neill said, “Manda comes to every workout with a smile on her face that never leaves, no matter how hard the work gets!  She is relentless and even with an injury she finds a way to make fitness a priority! We love having her in class. Her personality, along with her constant positivity is always a breath of fresh air!

Manda’s favorite movements in classes are deadlifts and back squats. She absolutely loves a barbell and like so many other members, is not really a fan of burpees. But she does them anyway because she knows it makes her better!

Our coaches have nothing but positive things to say about Manda.

Coach Kerry tells us, “Manda’s work ethic and encouragement of other athletes make her so much fun to coach and have in class.  Manda’s growth as an athlete and her dedication to fitness for herself and her family embodies our mission here.”

“The best way i can think to describe manda is persistent. no matter what the obstacle, she finds a way to get in the gym and get her work in. She drives from over a half an hour away to be at class at 5:15am and she always walks in with a huge smile and a great attitude. She works hard, made a lot of big improvements and has earned every PR she gets,” Coach Frank added.

A future goal of Manda’s is to run a marathon. After completing a couple half-marathons a few years ago, she decided to take on a full marathon. Unfortunately, she was unable to participate as she ended up having surgery. She told us, “CrossFit has been my building block to get myself in the mindset to take on that goal again.”

Coach and Co-owner, Traci added, “I do not get to coach Manda often because I am on nights, but I hear so much from our coaching staff about her progress, enthusiasm and commitment that I am inspired by her through them! She was the perfect choice for this award.”

“The people here – coaches and fellow athletes alike are all inspiring. They motivate me every day to do better, to be better.  They encourage and motivate you to continue when you feel like giving up, they all believe in you, and CrossFit Sona feels like home.  They are my people!”, she concluded.

To learn more about Manda, take a look at her spotlight video: https://youtu.be/cIHiZdoclv4